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Winter in Levi Finland

The most popular winter activity in Levi Lapland appears to be skiing and snowboarding on the fell. Don't be fooled into thinking that is all that's on offer here, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained even those who do not ski or snowboard.

For those that do want to spend their time skiing or snowboarding Levi Finland is a very good beginner and intermediate resort. The exceptional quality of the world cup black run and snow park at Levi make it one of best resorts in Finland. For more information on the ski and snowboard resort check out our ski resort page.

Other winter activities available in Levi Finland include, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice fishing, skidoo riding, dog sledding, reindeer safaris and various organised tours. The tours range from trips to see Santa to a night in the ice hotel. These activities can either be booked locally when you arrive or pre booked through your travel agent.

An Arctic Cat Snowmobile on the snow in Levi Lapland, Finland