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The Northern Lights in Levi Finland

Due to Levi Finland's location within the Arctic circle there is a good chance of seeing the northern lights during the winter months. The bright lights can often be seen dancing across the skies above the resort of Levi. Snowmobile safaris can be booked to enable a better viewing location away from the street lamps of the village of Levi Finland.

The scientific name for the northern lights is Aurora Borealis, it's counterpart the southern lights are called Aurora Australis. The auroras have been the subject of study for scientists for many years, there is now a much greater understanding of the causes of the phenomena including the reasons for the colour changes. The colour changes are thought to be caused by different types of particles, propelled by the solar wind, hitting the earth's atmosphere. The most common colour is bright green, however greens, blues oranges and pinks can also be seen during periods of activity.

Forecasts of Aurora Borealis activity can be found at the website of The Geophysical Institute, part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

A view of the night sky showing the northern lights over Greenland