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Nightlife in Levi Finland


Levi Finland has plenty of restaurants around the village catering for all budgets and tastes. Fruit and vegetables can be expensive and portions small, due to the reliance on importing caused by the extreme climate. Traditional and popular dishes here consist of fish or reindeer, a variety of different variations on these dishes are available everywhere. Vegetarian meals are available in most restaurants around Levi, however more fussy eaters should try hotel based restaurants for more international food varieties.

For those considering a self catering option there is a reasonable sized supermarket, liquor store and pharmacy right in the middle of Levi village.


Many of the hotels have bars, some of which are set up for a quiet relaxing drink and some that put on karaoke and other types of music. Check fliers around town and directly with the bars for a list of nightly events.

There are a few nightclubs in Levi Finland, including Club Deiavu, which has exotic dance shows and various cabaret acts such as magicians and fire eaters. There are also various late night bars that have events and live music. Cantina, the sports bar and restaurant is situated near the front slope and is a great place to keep track of sporting events on the big screen TVs. Another venue to keep an eye on is the Hullo Poro Areena for live bands and events, details and tickets for the concerts here are available from Hullo Poro (The Crazy Reindeer) reception.