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Key Facts about Levi Lapland


Levi Finland is located in the Kittila municipality of Finnish Lapland, around 150km above the Arctic circle. Kittila is the nearest international airport and is about 15 minutes from Levi by bus. For more information on the location of Levi in Finland and the directions from Kittila airport can be found on our location page.


Credit cards are widely accepted in Levi Finland and cash points can be found throughout the resort including close to the supermarket and near the entrance to Hotel Levitunturi. As always it is worth getting some currency changed before travelling as a precaution.

Ski Patrol

Accidents on the ski resort will be dealt with in the first instance by ski patrol +358 44 367 4278. First aid is available at the ski resort and there is a local nurse stationed in Levi, for more serious injuries or health issues the nearest hospital is in Kittila. The emergency services number in Finland is 112.

Travel Insurance is always recommended for trips to Levi Finland as with any holidays, make sure you have some organised before you leave home.


The local language spoken in Levi is Finnish, although as with most tourist towns in Finland, almost everybody can speak English. See our Finland page for a few useful phrases to help you out in some everyday situations.


The accommodation in Levi Finland is located all around the base of the Fell a regular bus links the different area with the main village centre. Most of the accommodation in Levi Resort is offered in the traditional Finnish style, almost all have access to saunas. More information on specific hotel accommodation can be found on our dedicated page.

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