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Key Facts about Finland


A picture of the official Flag of Finland
The official flag of Finland is an off centre blue cross on a white background.



Finland joined the European monetary union in January 2002 and subsequently changed their currency from the Markka to the Euro.


The local language spoken in Finland is Finnish, although many people can speak English. We have put together a few useful phrases.

  • Finland - Suomi
  • Do you speak English - Puhutteko englantia
  • Thank you - Kiitos
  • Hello - Hei
  • Yes - Kyllä
  • No - Ei
  • Alcoholic drink - Drinkki
  • Just a moment - Hetkinen
  • Where is the toilet? - Missä on vessa?
  • Everything is for my personal use - Kaikki on omaan käytööni


Finland is located in Northern Europe within the region of Scandinavia. The 3 countries adjoining Finland are Sweden, Norway and Russia. The capital city of Finland is Helsinki located to the south of the country. The population of Finland is almost 5.5 million and it's main industries are currently electronics, metalwork, forestry and tourism.

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