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Location of Levi in Lapland

Located within Scandinavia, the town of Levi can be found in Finlands most northern province, Lapland and it sits 150 kilometers within the Artic Circle.

The following map shows the position of Levi within northern Europe.

Inside Finland, Levi lies within the Kittilä municipality and is approximately 15 kilometres from Kittilä Airport, 78 kilometers from Kolari train station and 180 kilometers from Rovaniemi (the capital of Finnish Lapland).

The following map shows the location in comparison to Kittila, the nearest airport.

Driving directions from Kittilä airport

Exit the airport and follow the signs for road number 79(Levintie). Turn left onto 79 heading north, stay on this road for 15km all the way to Levi. You will pass the Levi gondola station and world cup run on your right shortly before arriving in the main village.

Geographic Coordinates

The geographical coordinates for Levi are as follows:

67° 48′ 18″ N, 24° 48′ 7.2″ E