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Levi Finland Climate Information

Levi Lapland is situated within the Arctic Circle, causing it to experience short warm summers and long cold winters. Arctic climates can be very extreme at times so care should be taken to dress and equip accordingly, and to be aware of potential sudden changes in temperature.

Average Temperatures in Levi Finland

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the summer season in Levi Finland runs from around mid June until mid August. The temperatures during the summer months generally range between 10°C and 25°C, with the warmest day being around the 20th July. It is during these summer months that the Levi Finland resort is transformed into a downhill mountain biking park.

Autumn is a beautiful time to visit, the locals refer to it as Ruska due to the bright colours of the leaves. Autumn runs from around mid August until mid or late September and has an average temperature of about 5°C. Spring has very similar temperatures to that of Autumn, and the season runs from late May through to mid June.

Winter is the longest season in Levi Lapland running all the way through from the end of September to mid May. Temperatures in winter can be extreme they stay below zero and have been known to fall as low as -50°C, with the coldest day around the end of January. These spectacular winter months see Levi Lapland transform into a world class ski resort.

The low temperatures that are experienced by the Levi Ski resort make ideal dry powder conditions, but must be treated with respect. Ensure that you are well equipped with thermal base layers and good quality low temperature ski clothing before heading out.

Daylight hours in Levi Finland

Due to it's location within the Arctic circle, Levi Lapland experiences both the midnight sun and the polar night. The midnight sun (polar day) occurs during the month of June, there are days when the darkness comes only for a couple of hours, and days when the sun never sets. Polar night (when the sun does not rise) occurs during late December. While the skies are clear the polar night, rather than being pitch black, displays a magical bluey twilight effect caused by the reflections of the moon and the northern lights on the snow.

Between June and December the daylight hours in Levi Finland decrease quickly at a rate of around 3 hours per month. The opposite is true from January to June with an increase at a similar rate. During the ski season you can expect to get around 4 to 6 hours of light between late January and early March. April and May receive full day light for the entire time that the ski slopes are open with darkness coming between 8pm and 10.30pm.

How many daylight hours to expect in the middle of each month.

January 3-6 July 17-20
February 5-8 August 13-16
March 9-12 September 9-12
April 13-16 October 5-8
May 17-20 November 3-6
June 21-24 December 0-3

Fortunately Levi Finland is well equipped for the low temperatures and short days in mid winter. Teepees can be found at the bottom of most of the pistes along with a very good level of floodlighting. The accommodation here is well heated and insulated to protect against the cold temperatures outside.

A picture of a lit fire pit in a wooden teepee